The Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding (CCDB) empowers customers by providing access to easy, reliable and scalable species identifications. The CCDB proudly serves clients from private, government & academic sectors located in over 50 countries around the world. The CCDB is the birthplace of DNA Barcoding and offers unparalleled access to species identifications for over 260,000 animals, plants and molds.

DNA Barcoding is an innovative combination of taxonomy, genetics and computer science that automates the process of obtaining expert species identifications. The process is similar to Human Criminal Forensic DNA Fingerprinting techniques in that a standardized battery of genetic markers is used to identify unknown samples. The novelty of Barcoding is that it is used to tell species apart. For example, we can detect the presence of undeclared ingredients, such as horsemeat which illegally entered the United Kingdom's food supply chain in early 2013.

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Species ID Services

Rapid, accurate & affordable fee-for-service genetic testing

Research Support

The CCDB is the choice for large-scale DNA barcoding projects

BOLD Partnership

The CCDB is a sister organisation of BOLD, the authoritative source for DNA barcodes.